We strive to provide you the best engineers in LATAM that match your values and culture

Tribe10x was established with the aim of offering exceptional nearshore engineering services to US companies, while addressing the three falsehoods associated with offshore IT teams based in China, India, and Eastern Europe. These three lies are:

Distant locations do not matter

12 plus hour timezone shifts do not matter

Language and culture barriers do not matter

The truth is that offshore teams are heavily influenced by location, time zones, language and culture, all of which play a significant role in offshore team performance.

The uncertainty of the political and overall security environment associated with working with offshore locations in India, China and Eastern Europe only make these locations increasingly difficult and risky to operate from.

We therefore built Tribe10x to work with engineers in Central and South America which is much closer to the US, protected by the Monroe Doctrine, operates in the central and eastern time zones and which are naturally equipped to understand US language and culture.

The close history of these nations with the US and the fact all of our engineers either have family or close friends living in the US naturally enables an understanding of US culture that is unique internationally. 

We formed Tribe10x to provide access to these incredible technology engineers. 


A tribe consists of people who want to associate together because of shared values, language and culture.


10x because there are engineers who routinely produce 10 times what average engineers produce.

Hence our name Tribe10x

We strive to provide you the best engineers in LATAM that match your values and culture and that are simply outstanding engineers on your team.

In 2020 we partnered with NativApps, a now 10 year old company operating out of Barranquilla, Colombia.  NativApps has a respected history of providing digital solutions to its LATAM client base and community. 

NativApps shared all our values and was a natural partner for our expansion into the LATAM region.

Logo Tribe10x and NativApps
We now operate as Tribe10x | NativApps and have our offices including our human resources, accounting, and resource support services located in Colombia.

We have engineers working throughout Central and South America. We make building your team in LATAM easy – from finding the resources to contracting to addressing unique in-country requirements. 

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